He doesn’t know where his name comes from. Italian? Breton?

He has a lot of dignity and serenity in his eyes and his gentle smile. He plays the guitar in the metro, baroque music. He taught himself. Why baroque? Because it’s music that allows you to travel. He asks me if I like Spain and starts to sing a Spanish guitar tune to me.

His dream. His big dream is to play for the elderly in hospitals. I tell him that it is not easy for me to earn a living with my art. He encourages me: you have to have patience. That’s the most important thing, patience. What is he going to play in the hospitals? It has to be music that makes people feel better. Classical music, music from the islands… Why doesn’t he start now? He hasn’t mastered his art enough yet.

He has a lot of island sunshine in his eyes. He only comes to the Restos du cœur to eat exceptionally, when he has trouble finishing his month.


TECHNIQUESepia on paper
DETAILSFraming on request
DIMENSIONS42×29,7 cm
PRICEOn request
Original artwork delivered with a certificate of authenticity