Misty Landscape in a Bowl of Rice


Before going to China the artist was already amazed and intrigued by the bonsai tradition, a traditional Japanese art derived from the native Chinese art of penjing. These miniature trees blow the breath of a much larger and distant universe of so-called exotic countries.

On her arrival in the country, She was struck by the harmonious coexistence of the microcosm and the macrocosm in the daily life of Chinese culture. This painting pays tribute to it.

A worker’s hands hold a white and blue bowl of hot rice, the key element of food in Asia. The steam rises above the bowl and turns into a mist enveloping the silhouettes of a pagoda among the pines, the rice morphing into a snowy hill, like a bonsai cultivated with care in the soul of its spectator.

If you look closely at the royal blue silk of the kimono, you will see an ornament that represents a dragon.

The magic realism of this artwork creates a contemplative, dreamlike atmosphere.


TECHNIQUEТempera on canvas
FINISHESStretched canvas. Ready to hang. Framing on request.
BONUSCertificate of authenticity