May 15th, 2013. Memories

Last time, “Rune” was waiting, frozen in the middle of the beneficiaries, worried, waiting for her portrait that I promised her. The others were eating, exchanging, as usual, strolling around waiting for their turn to ask for the second cup of coffee, with a chocolate candy, if they are lucky, who knows! “Rune” was waiting. Then Catherine, the volunteer who helps me make photocopies of the drawings, came along and gave her the portrait. And I finally saw “Rune” smiling, for the first time! Of all my models, she was the most suspicious, and also the most distrustful. Who asked the most questions. Is it free? Why do I have to sign a paper that I agree to have my portrait exhibited? I’ve already said ‘yes’. That ‘yes’ will suffice!

She kissed me, “Rune”. She told me that she likes this portrait.

Today it was André. He wrote his name in a corner of the drawing, “Андрей”, in Cyrillic letters. He was a rather well-to-do middle-class gentleman, well-dressed, in a leather jacket with an elegant scarf, correctly coiffed. The only one who immediately agreed to have his portrait taken. He looked thoughtful, with a cup of coffee in his hand:

– But maybe I’m not the guy you’re looking for?

– But you came here, too. What brought you here?

Ten years ago, he came here to eat. He’s been in France for ten years. He works in finance now, if I understand correctly. He came here today just to have a coffee. It makes him remember.

– What is your name? – he asks me.

– Olga.

– Ah! Olga! You are of Russian origin! He smiles.

– Are you too?

No, he is Alban. We are “Slavic brothers”…

He writes his first name in Russian on the back of the drawing. I help him a bit: “N” is like an “H”, “R” is like a “P”…

Andreï tells me that he has a friend, a painter from Montmartre. He once did his portrait, but it was ugly.


TECHNIQUESepia on paper
DETAILSFraming on request
DIMENSIONS42×29,7 cm
PRICEOn request
Original artwork delivered with a certificate of authenticity