June, 19th, 2013. Patrick

Patrick. Very excited. Nervous, frantic. Right from the start, he volunteered to have his portrait taken. He asks me several times: next time, will you bring a copy? He rushes toward me several times. Yes, yes, I will start drawing you in ten minutes!

He holds his pose perfectly well, it’s unexpected. Stands still. Thin black locks scatter over his shoulders. Behind him, a woman whispers:

– He can stay still when he really wants!

He lives between Paris and Marseille. He sells silk-screen prints and a bit of everything. Life is easier in Marseille than in Paris. He’s thinking of moving to Marseille soon.

– I’m already old!

He smiles broadly and happily when he sees the drawing, asking Joëlle several times if it looks like him. He asks for a “photograph” to be brought to him next time.

– If I don’t come, you keep it preciously, all your life!

– Yes-yes, I promise! Joëlle reassures him that a drawing is better than any photograph. Joëlle thinks it’s better when I draw frontal portraits.


TECHNIQUESepia on paper
DETAILSFraming on request
DIMENSIONS42×29,7 cm
PRICEOn request
Original artwork delivered with a certificate of authenticity