Bisquine Granvillaise

    A study from a series inspired by the legendary bisquine La Granvillaise celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020. A tribute to this beautiful sailboat but also the historical naval heritage of France. Working on this theme gives me a lot of emotions because it is in Granville that the story of my French family began. La Granvillaise was built in 1990 in Granville as a replica of the bisquine La Rose Marie (1897). In the 19th century, this kind of ship was characteristic of the region of Mont Saint-Michel, located between Saint-Malo and Granville in France. There I have focused on studying the relationships between the colours of the sea, the sky and the sails. It's impressive how the colours change at different times of the day, like in a kaleidoscope!

    French Ships

    Maritime paintings

    Frigate Shtandart

    A series dedicated to the frigate Shtandart, a replica of Peter the Great's admiral ship (1703) built by Vladimir Martus with a group of volunteers in 1994 - 1999 in Saint-Petersburg, the artist's home town.


    Small Seascapes

    Seascapes created during artist's journeys